Monday, May 11, 2009

Wompatuck Warblers

Cleared a couple of hours out of my schedule on this beautiful day to try and spot some warblers down at Wompatuck State Park (Hingham/Norwell). I picked off a couple of easy ones myself:

hello, Magnolia Warbler

hello, American Redstart

Then I fell in with a group from Joppa Flats who had gathered around to try and spot a Cerulean Warbler who was singing loudly close to the road across from Boundary Pond. No pictures but some solid looks. Those birders are nice people. One of their guides helped me find it the first time and then I helped the group find it a second time. Lots of "lifer" excitement--they brought out a couple of scopes for super close-ups. I'm such a warbler novice, I'm happy to see anything. I suppose some day I'll look back at this as the one time I actually saw a Cerulean.

Oh, and hello, Veery. I saw you too, moving briskly along the forest floor. Maybe next time I can hear you singing.

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