Friday, May 22, 2009

A most warbly day at Marblehead Neck

I joined a merry band of warbler searchers at Marblehead Neck this morning. And it was the mourning warbler that we kept hearing but not seeing. But, finally I saw me a Canada warbler (they were all over), a blackburnian (which I had been hearing but not seeing all week), and a blackpoll (which I tracked down through its song--memorized during an early morning cram session). 189,190,191. Lots of sounds too. Here's a sample with a blackburnian in the middle--its the one whose song rises up to the limits of human hearing. (There's so much warbler singing generally it's kind of disorienting).
Above, our friend the magnolia warbler again. Below, no eye ring, must be a willow flycatcher.

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