Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

I was able to squeeze in a short walk at Fowl Meadow before picking up Lily today. A perfect May day (cool but warm in the sun, not too windy). There is a pair of blue-gray gnatcatchers that I've seen for the last week by the river. They decided to sit still for photos today. Here's their buzzy titmouse-like vocal. The photo above has good detail but leaves too harsh an impression.

These are cute little birds (seen better below). And I've been seeing them all over this spring.

Fowl Meadow is also a good place for warblers these days. Just a few steps in and I spotted a black-capped Wilson's warbler among the yellows and yellowthroats.

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Rebecca said...

That is indeed a cute little bird.