Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yellow-throated vireo bonanza

Yellow-throated Vireo, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
I'm going to keep trying to get a decent photo of the CRP YT-vireo(s). Most of them turn out like those below (at least you get a good look at the yellow throat!)

I did manage a video (in poor, rainy conditions). A couple of notes: one clip features the vireo singing (with the vireo only spottily in sight), another gets a little closer--with a surprise at the end!, and the final clip features the best view and the vireo's little squeaky call note (I added a slow motion version at the end with the contrast turned down and the saturation turned up)

The surprise--two vireos. It looks like our lonely male has found a partner (one was doing a little quivering, though it may have just been trying to shake the rain off its feathers...) And, while I was listening to this one sing, I heard another one across the property. So we now have (at least) three yellow-throated vireos on the property. I wonder if the "other" one is in fact the one who has been here since the end of April, and the couple are newly arrived.

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