Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breeding season madness

Yellow warbler on nest, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

Things are getting a bit crazy down at the Charles River Peninsula. Lots of fighting, nest-building, and even some fledging!

Let's begin with this weird robin scene. I've seen robins freeze and go squeaky high when there is a predator about but this one seems to be challenging another male on a branch above. (Earlier I saw the two get into a severe take-down fight).

And that's a beautiful nest you are building, yellow warbler. I think you'll find a certain lack of privacy, however....

Also seen with nesting material today: mourning doves, eastern kingbirds, orchard orioles, Baltimore orioles.

And there is already some fledging happening. Check out this one.
Grackle? Starling? [Definitely grackle] All I know is that I love the top-knot!

Finally, this is not directly breeding oriented but I thought it was an interesting scene. See the resident red-tailed hawk go all cormorant.
It's been wet for nearly a week. Poor thing is just trying to get its wings dry.

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