Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ridge Hill Reservation and Needham Community Farm

Bluets, Ridge Hill Reservation (easement), Needham, MA
Thought I might try the woodland environment this afternoon, so Ridge Hill Reservation it was. Not disappointed: typical birds were there--scarlet tanagers, ovenbirds, pine warblers, eastern wood pewees. Also tree frogs and chipmunks. And mosquitoes...

Also spotted this chickadee in a natural nesting cavity.

After my Ridge Hill Walk I drove down the old Nike missile driveway to the new site of Needham Community Farm.
I'd never been down there before (There's been a strong "no trespassing" policy in recent years). Another weedy field to explore.

The bird life was distressingly thin for such a wild abandoned area. But butterflies were taking advantage. Here's a very fresh black swallowtail.

Spotted a cardinal's nest on the way out. Couldn't resist taking a photo of the eggs!

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