Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally, a real May birding day

Magnolia Warbler, Marblehead Neck Sanctuary, Marblehead, MA

Finally a day I could get out of the house early, a day without rain, and a day with warblers.

I drove up Rte 1A just in case there was something interesting along the coast in Lynn/Swampscott. It was foggy (a splendid addition to the mood--unseen terns calling in the mist) but things fairly close were easily visible. This included:
white-winged scoters,
lots of purple sandpipers and a random ruddy turnstone.
On the beach itself--this array of gulls, showing the size differences between great black-backed, herring, and ring-billed.
(I initially mistook the ring-billed for something spectacularly small, but I think it was just a contrast effect).

Marblehead Neck was a little dark for good photos (the sun finally came out about 8) but was the perfect solution to my warbler drought this season.
Standing in one spot alone I could hear: northern parula, black-throated blue, black-throated green, American redstart, northern waterthrush, common yellowthroat, ovenbird, blackpoll, black&white, and magnolia warbler. Also got good looks at a Wilson's and a Canada (though I missed the olive-sided flycatcher that had been spotted earlier in the morning). And was that a veery lightly singing in the background?
Here's some clips of a magnolia, another magnolia (much lighter, female?), a black-throated blue, and two tiny looks at the Wilson's--slowed down so you can at least ID him.

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