Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Return to Cutler

Common Yellowthroat, Cutler Park, Needham, MA
It's been a few months since I've taken the Cutler walk, starting in the small parking lot on Great Plain Ave and traveling along the train track. I'm increasingly ambivalent about the place. Compared to, let's say, the Charles River Peninsula, you are much more likely to encounter gang members and white tailed deer corpses (human corpses on occasion too). And the train track side trail is maintained as an easement, not a nature walk, so trail-side trees (including some great cherry trees) and brush are ruthlessly sacrificed to widen the path, while detritus, such as old rusty shopping carts, is allowed to pile up.
On the other hand, it is the best place in Needham to see common yellowthroats and hear swamp sparrows (and if you're lucky, marsh wrens).
And you are quite likely to see a (living) white-tail springing through the bullrushes.
The DCR (I'm assuming--these might be the work of another organization) has set up a group of nesting boxes in a very small grassy clearing near the beginning of the trail. When I first saw them I was doubtful. There are too many of them in a small space. But wouldn't you know, first thing I see: a bluebird pair.
I bet they don't have a house sparrow problem there either....

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