Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cold Spring Park Wood Thrush (with bonus Parula)

Wood Thrush, Cold Spring Park, Newton, MA

Lily had a birthday party in Newton so I had two hours to kill in the late afternoon. I headed over to Cold Spring Park. And had the closest encounter I've ever had with a singing wood thrush. Video is below.

Then I went in search of warblers. Overall activity that time of day was pretty low but I did hear and spot a northern parula in a blooming apple tree in the outfield of the softball field.
Got a great clear photo of the parula's back (at least you can get a good look at the lovely chestnut patch!)
And a more conventional shot from below.

After my luck with the thrush and the parula, I though I would go for the trifecta. One more good bird. Walking along the path I heard it--"chip burr, chip burr." Scarlet Tanager? But alas too high up to see, never mind photograph. It was nice to hear them, nevertheless...

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