Monday, May 16, 2011

Bobolinks, eleven days and counting...

Bobolink, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

The bobolinks came in eleven days ago. Like last year, they remained up in the highest branches of the trees in the grove by the river and sang all at once.
(There is a lighter bird in the group above. Do you suppose it is a female?)

In the past couple of days they've been coming down lower and even exploring the meadow a bit.

I've been able to get pretty close.

Soon we will find out if they are going to stick around and actually breed this year.

Meanwhile, here is a short video of a bobolink just sitting around, while his neighbor keeps starting but never really going full-bobolink. The clip in the middle is another bobolink who has just managed to intimidate a couple of house sparrows.

For those of you desiring a taste of "full bobolink" here is a recording.

[UPDATE: There are two separate groups of bobolinks. One is one the east side of the property, the other is on the northwest (near the boundary of the Walker School).]

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