Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mill Street Barries

Barrow's Goldeneye, Charles River, Mill St, Dover, MA

It always pays to drive down Mill St in Dover on an icy cold day like today. Barrow's goldeneye are not super rare, but you don't get to see them that often. My last sighting was last year around this time. One male, five females.

I got pretty good looks at the females (someone else will have to tell me if any of them are common goldeneye--I'm suspicious of the two on the left in the photo below). But the male wasn't very cooperative when it came to photos.

They were quite active, doing a lot of diving, and seemed to be enjoying the weather (painfully sub-zero facing the wind).

[UPDATE: Today (Sunday) I only saw these two, moving with the current downstream]

[UPDATE: Monday, Feb 1. YES at 9 am (far downstream of mallards); NO at 11 am.]
[UPDATE: Tuesday, Feb 2. NO at 9, NO at 3.]
[UPDATE: Friday, Feb 5. YES at 9 am]

Then there was this oddity. The head of a male hooded merganser (though very dull) and the body of the female. This looks to be a first year male.

Just for comparison's sake, a nearby male and female.

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BCH said...

We'll done

It appears your ad. male Barrow's is infact being accompanied by 2 females while the other goldeneye in your photo's are female common.

I wonder if these are 3 of the 4 BAGO that were in Wayland for a month or so until Lak Cochituate froze out a month or so ago.

-Brian Harris