Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photographing ducks in Cape Cod from far away

Sandwich Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA

Went south-east today in honor of TWB. Started by taking a peek at Perch Pond in Falmouth. Packed with ducks, mostly scaup and wigeon. But in the midst, the unmistakable profile of the canvasback. Sorry for the fuzzy long distance photo--today's theme!

Next stop, very brief, White's Landing. Mostly mallards, but the hooded mergansers were out on the ice.

Up to Sandwich to the Green Briar Nature Center. They are setting up for a big Old Mother West Wind centenary celebration this year. One gallery is dedicated to the Migratory Bird Act. I thought a shot of a chickadee (Burgess's favorite bird) was in order.

Then to the marshland (Burgess's childhood haunts). Walked the boardwalk to Town Neck beach. Goose-bump inducing beauty at high tide. On the way over I noticed an increasingly familiar shape far in the distance.

Harbor Seal

This lovely female red-breasted merganser was cruising the marsh side, sometimes diving but most just skimming the surface of the water. Just as she got super close, my camera's batteries expired.

Lots of good (long distance) things seen from Town Neck Beach. I thought, given the week's excitement, I was obliged to include photos of common goldeneye.

Female (flying away)

I was pretty happy with the way this little horned grebe turned out, though. (Better than the black and white smudges I usually get).

Full list of birds in the water off of Town Neck Beach (around 1 p.m.) would also include:
common loon, red-throated loon, common eider, brant and get this--HARLEQUIN DUCKS (about four or five of them just within bin-range (not camera).) I wonder if this is the same group that's been seen off Plymouth and Scusset.


matthew houskeeper said...

I like the top photo very much

Peter Oehlkers said...

That scene still gives me chills when I think about it. In a little bit the tide would submerge the grass leaving just a path through this smooth green grayness.