Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Trip, Day 1, Part 3: Pea Island!

Tundra Swans, Pea Island NWR, Cape Hatteras, NC

Pea Island, like our own Plum Island, is a waterfowl wonderland. Also like Plum Island it can be very windy in the winter. And as you already know, it was snowing. But, Plum Island veteran that I am, I came prepared. Weather armor.

I stopped at the north end of the north pool (the south pool is closed off during the winter). The snow geese were actively feeding.

Immediately, something of interest. Holy cow! White pelicans!

And, for comparison's sake, a (more common in the east) brown pelican.

This one I inadvertently chased into the water, but it got something to eat (all the while harassed by gulls).

On the salt panne side north of the pool, godwits (can't you tell?)

and this unmistakable and completely unexpected....American Avocet!

The tundra swans at Pea Island were much more interested in posing than the ones at Lake Mattamuskeet.

And then there were the common birds in enormous proportions.
Seven pie-billed grebes at once!

Or this long string of twelve female buffleheads!

Pea Island, the best yet.

Day 1, Part 4: Nag's Head Woods

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