Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the way to the library, teals

Common teal (male) and "teal" (female), Newton Town Hall, Newton, MA

Finally, some books of mine were due at the Newton Public Library so I had an excuse to go check out the teals across the street. I had visited the male common teal at his summer haunts in Cold Spring Park last year, but I had only managed long distance shots. How could I pass up such an attractive pair of photo subjects up close? (Note: these are well-photographed ducks)

Today they were right near the bridge, though feeding constantly and moving in and out of the shade. In fact it was hard getting them both head-up in the same shot.

Or both facing frontwards.

Out of the shadows, you can really appreciate how beautiful this duck is. (Would I love it as much if it didn't have the "sleepy eye" marking?)

They were feeding in close proximity to some mallards. In fact, the male teal was acting quite aggressively in protecting his space. He didn't seem to mind this female so much though...