Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Trip Day 1, Part 4: Nag's Head Woods

Nag's Head Woods, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Last stop, Nag's Head Woods, an opportunity to explore what's left of the coastal North Carolina forest. Unfortunately, it was mostly under water this day.

I walked slowly through the two short trails still open (and still rather wet).

But an unexpected view of the bay created a feeling of rugged isolation (even though the preserve is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood).

I saw but didn't manage decent photos of Carolina chickadees in Carolina but I did get the next best thing: A Carolina wren in Carolina, sitting like a hobbit in front of its barrow.

I drove back to Chesapeake and slept for 12 hours (did I mention I had an awful cold the whole weekend?)

Day 2, Part 1: Chincoteague NWR

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