Sunday, January 17, 2010

East Providence

Sabin Point, East Providence, RI

A visit with my folks in RI, a gorgeous sunny day, a variety of nice waterfowl photo opportunities.

First stop, Sabin Point with good views of upper Narragansett Bay. Lots of good things out in the middle of the bay--loons, goldeneyes, scaup, but a little too far out for good photos. (Take this red-throated loon--or is that the lochness monster?--below).

A reliable spot for large congregations of gulls.

Second stop, Bullock Cove. The mute swans are out of control.

And the water was studded with little ducks. Too far out to ID.

Closer-up views off the bike trail. Below: a sample of the multitude of hooded mergansers on display.

And a lone female goldeneye. Same as last year.

Nice view of a great blue heron, dwarfed by the phragmites.

An the ubiquitous black ducks.

Last stop, Turner Reservoir. Only one open spot and everyone was there.

On the opposite side of the road, a great blue heron walking slowly (sometimes sliding) across the ice.

Looked for a while, unsuccessfully, and then joined everyone else on the other side.

The huge assemblage presents a challenge. At first you dismiss it as a homogeneous group of Canada geese. Then you start seeing hooded mergansers. And then a few odd balls stand out.
Hey there's a common merganser in the back there!

And that sleeping duck with the interesting pattern? Ring-necked.

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