Friday, January 22, 2010

A Direct Address to the Birds of Millennium Park

OK, tree sparrows. You've got to stop pretending to be snow buntings, all light colored and flighty and all. And then tormenting me with your darling twitters....
That goes for you too, goldfinches.

And snow buntings, how about showing up once in a while?

Actually, how could I stay mad at this tree sparrow?

Hey you, black duck. You do know you are a black duck, don't you?

Oh, large group of gulls. Would it kill you to assemble a little closer to shore? Don't you know I need to check your wing tips gull by gull?

And red-tailed hawk, you don't need to fly off as soon as you see me. I'm just trying to take some photos. (I think I got you here, though)

But northern harrier, you just keep on being magnificently awesome.

And that goes for you too, hooded merganser.


Rebecca said...

Direct address--or first draft of your new children's book, "Petey and the Birds"?

Peter Oehlkers said...

That's right. My narrator will be gruff and irritable and scold the birds for being unhelpful. There must be a niche market for that!