Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Wren

Charles River Falls, Dover

This time of year, this weather, I like to drive slowly down Mill Street in Dover to see what kinds of duck life are available to photograph. The mallards dominate but I usually see some divers: hooded merganser or, today, ring-necked ducks.

When I got out of the car near the waterfall, though, I immediately heard an unfamiliar call. Then a small dark darting shadow against the snow. Winter wren! My second in less than a week!

It was exploring the ice caves that have formed this week thanks to our subzero evenings.

(A good excuse to take photos of cool ice formations!)

Is it crazy for me to make the winter wren my current target bird? Because the photo below, while better than last week's blob, just won't do (and there were so many nice views of the dark bird against the white snow).

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