Monday, May 31, 2010

Signs of Summer: Sea and shore bird special

Common Tern, Barrington Beach, Barrington, RI

It may seem a little early to be turning the focus towards the water, usually a woods-are-full-of-bugs summer activity, but the sea and shore birds are here so let's take a look.

A couple of interesting finds. First, the sora on the marsh trail at Plum Island are defying expected behavior this year and are walking around in the open. I saw this one in the medium distance, took its photo, turned and realized I had missed one about five feet in front of me ON THE BOARDWALK.

The black-bellied plover are in fine form this time of year, striking even from long distances. And what's that smaller salmon-colored bird near by? I'm thinking red knot.

Also on the marsh trail,
Blue-winged teal (yes, I see you, sleepy male)

and an approachable least sandpiper.

Some necessary egret shots:
A snowy egret from Plum Island

A great egret from the bike trail in Riverside, RI.

Plum Island ibis, glossy I believe.

and a Plum Island willet.

Last shore bird: house sparrow (Barrington Beach).

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