Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fish nests [UPDATED]

Bluegill, Charles River Peninsula canoe launch, Needham, MA

Today, a move from bird to fish nests. There is a cluster of bluegill nests in the shallow water off the canoe launch at the CRP. If you look closely you can see a nest below--a rocky depression in the water.

I sat and watched them for a little while this morning. Somehow watching a fish create and protect a nest makes me less interested in catching one.

Also of fish interest, this little guy. Anyone know what it is? [UPDATE: Pickerel]

On June 1, the nests were gone. It could be Memorial Day canoeing, but more likely people fishing. This is the evidence.

Yes, I know, Alarmed Robin, this is not as bad as the Gulf, or (even worse) the environmental degradation in some of the developing world, but it is a continuing sign of a troubling kind of ignorance about our relationship with the natural world.

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