Friday, May 14, 2010

Return to Bobolinkland

Bobolink, Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA

Frustrated by the reluctant bobolinks at the Charles River Peninsula, I returned to Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary for some real bobolink action. The day was rather windy and the skies were full of low-flying aircraft, so the recording environment wasn't as good as I had hoped. (Bobolink 1; Bobolink 2) But unlike the CRP, where the bobolinks sit atop tall trees all day long, the bobolinks at Daniel Webster are actually all over the meadow

and sing atop nest boxes

fence posts

and even giant rocks

in addition to tall trees.

Come on, bobolinks at the Charles River Peninsula, this is how you should be living!

Next morning at the CRP, still no bobolinks in the grass or flying, but they were singing up a storm.

In one tree, a couple of males and a female; in another tree, what sounded like hundreds (but probably just four or five--I couldn't see them.) I was reminded once again, that it was the hope of hearing bobolinks at the CRP that initially drew me into this whole birding business. Hope fulfilled (now to finally get some indigo buntings on the property).

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