Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh Canada Warbler

Canada Warbler, Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary
I got at least one "it's quiet today" from a fellow middle aged white guy with binoculars this morning at Marblehead Neck and while I politely concurred ("quiet" has become a metaphor referring to activity level), inside I was going, "it is positively deafening here today!"  In addition to non-stop warbler and vireo song, not to mention assertive Baltimore oriole tune-age, there was even some Swainson's thrush in the air. But leaves are out now and warblers a bit more difficult to see.

So it is awfully nice when the lovely and under-appreciated Canada warbler blesses you with an unobstructed appearance.

Seemingly undisturbed by humans.
And even reminds you what its song sounds like.

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