Monday, May 27, 2013

Charles River Peninsula, with Mourning Warbler

Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Went out around 6:30 am to check on the nesting boxes. It's been a rough week and this morning the winds had subsided enough to open the box doors without risk of nest material flying off. Still pretty chilly though. And sure enough almost all the tree swallows remained on nest. Did discover some tiny new hatchlings in one box and the bluebird eggs have also hatched.

There is still one male bobolink flying over the fields, singing all day. No sign of a female for him to chase.

The biggest surprise today: the "churr-churr-churr" of a mourning warbler from deep in the vegetation. I never saw it and it stopped singing as I approached. But I did manage to capture some vocals.

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Chris Rich said...

I spotted bobolinks a plenty at Bay Farm In Duxbury on Monday.

Tuesday found me over along the Medfield/Dover border covering the last mile or so of the Charles River Link Trail where it meets the Bay Circuit.

It includes the southern bank side of the Rocky Narrows gorge-let.

Great meandering riparian bottom lands.