Friday, May 17, 2013

Moose Hill in Mid-May

Kettle Trail, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharon, MA
I can't believe it's late spring already. A quick pass through the Charles River Peninsula revealed a sneezy willow flycatcher and a rattling (is that the best name for it?) yellow-billed cuckoo. A longer trip to Moose Hill revealed eastern wood-pewee, veery and red-eyed vireo. Who hasn't returned yet? I'm still waiting to hear (not just see) hermit thrush and indigo bunting.

Things were pretty birdy at Moose Hill, which was also loaded with school children and one large guided tour group (mostly avoided). The great density of ovenbirds meant open conflict and near-trail appearances. Scarlet tanager, veery, Baltimore oriole, and blue-winged warbler songs at multiple locations.

But mostly it was a day of moments. Here are three:

1. A brown creeper with a mouthful of fibers bounces up a cedar tree, followed closely by another creeper with a huge worm in its bill.

2. A veery hops across the Billings farm loop boardwalk, perches nearby and calls harshly for several minutes.

The "Chimney," Bluff Trail, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharon, MA
3. A huge turkey vulture sits on the Chimney and flies off as I approach, speeding away on a gust of wind.

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Chris Rich said...

I finished my survey of the Watertown Branch after another Mt Auburn.

Yup, I hit at 6am and there was a compact rifle squad worth of guided birders ambling off toward the eastern side.

I ended up making a few fine captures once I was over in quiet spots.

I found Robert Creeley's grave and nearby was a smaller pond where some form of unwelcome advances were visited upon a Blue Winged Teal by a Mallard.