Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is your nest, chipping sparrows?

It was about a year ago that I admitted disbelieving that there was such thing as a "chipping sparrow." How far one can come in a year...

Now chipping sparrows are my friends. I can see them everyday sitting on the power line outside my office window. And when I go outside they chip and chip. I frequently see them with food in their mouths (not eating). But where is their nest? And why do I see both of them hanging out on the power line if there are chicks to take care of?

They seem easy to agitate, particularly when the house wren [the wrens have definitely chosen my window house for nesting] is chattering. Is it possible the wren popped their eggs? And the chippies are instinctively feeding phantom chicks? At any rate, I was waiting to post this until I actually found the nest, but I couldn't wait any longer. Perhaps there will be an update if I ever solve this mystery.

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