Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, that was memorable.

Here's how the reading I did as a youth has affected me.

I'm walking the easement that runs along Ridge Hill admiring the wildflowers and listening to the song of a trail-side wood thrush. I hear a rustling noise. It's a baby rabbit. It emerges from under the ferns.

And there's another noise. Bounding through the ferns, could that be a red squirrel? It's Chatterer the Red Squirrel come to play with one of Peter Rabbit's babies!

"Chatterer" reaches the rabbit, there is a pause, and "Chatterer" grabs the baby rabbit by the throat. There is a shriek.

Oh, that wasn't Chatterer the Red Squirrel, that was SHADOW THE WEASEL!

Shadow the Weasel bounds off, prey in mouth.

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Peter Oehlkers said...

I know I should be horrified, baby rabbit and all, but the weasel just looked so happy...