Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick! While the sun is shining!

The most dismal June in Massachusetts on record and it's not supposed to get better before July. So when the sun is out, you gotta grab the chance. This I did yesterday in Marblehead during my lunch-break. And then found that Marblehead Neck was all fogged in. Nevertheless, forged ahead to the sanctuary, made a quick walk through the trail, took the sad robin photo above and then slipped on a wet rock (totally my fault) and gashed up my elbow (blood streaming down my arm as I walked to the car. People, carry first aid kits in your nature bag!).

Today, a few moments of sun. I rushed to the CRP when my wife came home.

The oriole children are out in public these days.

Momma's looking pretty good.

Junior's still at that awkward phase...

And a painted turtle out on the gravel path. I assume she's trying to lay eggs. Is it possible on such a hard surface?

By the way, the bobolink effort at the CRP seems to have failed again this year. I haven't seen our guy around for a week and a half. Must have moved on to a place that actually had females.

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