Friday, June 19, 2009

Playing a few life list cards to reach #200

I wanted to get to #200 by the summer, but summer is nearly here and rain is in the forecast until Sunday. So I'm going to play a few global life cards to get up to 200, that arbitrary but somehow highly satisfying number. (Links go to wikipedia).

So, start with invasive Hawaiian species: red-crested cardinal (pigeon-like in their Oahu ubiquity). #197. Seen summer of 1989.

I lived in Japan for a year. I only remember seeing two birds. (Yes, this troubles me deeply).

#198. Jungle Crow. Another invasive. Has practically taken over many wooded areas in Toyko.

#199. Azure-winged magpie. Fancy name for an extremely noisy abundant neighborhood bird. Known locally as "onaga."

And finally, ta-dah!

#200. Anna's Hummingbird, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

[An earlier post stopped at 199. But, given the weather, I thought I'd give myself a break. Counting's over. (Until migration begins again in October!)]

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