Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brilliant Song Sparrow

The end of the May migratory exotica is a relief for the ears. Finally, we can get down to business with our old friends. Like the song sparrows, who are singing brilliantly. Especially the guy pictured above. A stand-out talent. Strong clear tone. Creative improviser. (He's the softer voice on the left--his song keeps getting obscured by the inferior (raspy tone, stereotyped song) singer to the right.) And composer of some haunting tunes. [UPDATE: Here's a song from Friday afternoon. Hear him shift back to song one above.]

And finally, a field sparrow makes a CRP appearance. Perhaps there's hope for an indigo bunting yet! But the bobolink wasn't there this evening.[It was back on Friday]

Bluebirds were.

And who is this little one, roosting right out in the open?

[UPDATE: Baby Bluebird]

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