Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tale of Rusty Wren

The cheeps of the wren chicks are getting deeper every day. Some of them are making the "tut" sound that fledged chicks use to keep in contact with their parents. I'm thinking a couple more days and these guys are flown.

So in honor of wren families (and testing Google Books's new "clip" function), here's a link to Arthur Bailey Scott's Tale of Rusty Wren. Rusty has hired Chippy Jr to be his houseboy, but Chippy gets too big for the wren house. [Scott is a much less disciplined writer than his contemporary, Thornton Burgess. Scott's animals are much more anthropomorphic. One plot complication, for example, revolves around Mrs. Wren's suspicion that Rusty's been smoking tobacco.]

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