Thursday, August 7, 2014

Iceland Day 2 part 1: A quick trip to the end of Seltjarnarnes

Black-headed Gull near Grótta

Down the road from Reykjavik city center there is a delightful nature preserve named Grótta designed to protect a tern colony on a small lighthouse island. Regrettably, it was high tide when I arrived in the early morning so I couldn't access the island itself, but I did walk the beach and along the adjacent pond.
Ruddy Turnstone and Arctic Tern
As anticipated, there was an abundance of shorebirds, some resident and some migrating through.
Common Ringed Plover
I was happy to spot European species such as the ringed plover and the redshank, even if I didn't get the greatest photo of the latter...
Common Redshank
I will admit having mixed feelings about another resident bird, limited geographically now but spreading.
Common Starlings 
I'm hoping the relative lack of suitable cavities (no trees in much of Iceland) will keep the starlings near the city.
The path between the sea and the pond
Down the pond, some now familiar sights.
Greylag Geese and Whooper Swan
Including a distant group of Glaucous Gulls (associating with black-backed and maybe Herring Gulls).
Gulls and human residences
Can you identify the fuglar of Seltjarnarnes?

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