Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wood Duck and Fox Sparrow bonanza continues

Wood Ducks, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

Over a dozen wood ducks on display on various sections of the Charles River this morning, with one large group hanging out in its normal place at the tip of the peninsula. But the real attraction this morning was fox sparrows.

I saw at least 11 fox sparrows, in four different groups (the largest was 5 birds). One sat out in the relative open (for fox sparrows anyway).

And another, the same one I recorded yesterday, was singing and singing. (This time the recording has less crow and more loud downy woodpecker drumming). This one would occasionally stop to chase a competitor.
[UPDATE: One week later (4/2) fox sparrows still there (and wood ducks). Here's another fox sparrow song sample.]

On the nestbox front: Yesterday morning, a downy flew out of box 5 as I walked by. Today, I saw a bluebird pair chase off a house sparrow from box 8 and then enter it. Here's the male, keeping watch.
[4/2 UPDATE: Beginnings of a nest in box 8]

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