Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to see at Allen's Pond in Mid-March

Great Cormorants, Buzzard's Bay from Allens Pond, Westport, MA
I don't want to say that mid-March is boring as far as birding at Allens Pond is concerned. That would be ungrateful. If you are really into buffleheads, for example, there is a whole pond full of them to look at. But clearly we are just at the beginning of something much more exciting yet to come.

This may account for alternative entertainment, such as the construction and macro photography of dried sea urchin and crab leg dioramas.

Today I walked the Beach Loop and spent some time in the Woodland Loop off of Allens Neck Road. A couple things of interest about the Woodland Loop. First, the wood frogs are singing, right on schedule. Second, an actual butterfly--a mourning cloak, I do believe.

But the main interest was at the beach. I've been seeing (mostly hearing) killdeer for a while. I saw three today, none too happy to see me.
Check out the background of this photo. The sun was so strong today it was causing distortions.

And (this is the day's highlight) who knew that piping plovers were already back? Yet here it was, not particularly energetic, but clearly finding food (I love the head tilt as it peers for worm holes in the sand).

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