Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring, or House Sparrow Day

House Sparrow, Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA

In honor of the first day of spring, Lily and I went to Drumlin Farm to check out the baby goats and the caged "ambassadors," which now include three barred owls and a broad-winged hawk, as well as an absolutely stunning silver fox. At Drumlin Farm, bluebirds are feeder birds.

It is, in fact, "World Sparrow Day" today, though I'm betting it won't be celebrated much in the U.S.... The event is sponsored by an organization in India, where the house sparrow is in decline (as it seems to be its Eurasian range generally). We can appreciate them for one day of the year, can't we?

My brisk walk around the CRP this morning (quite a lot of frost and ice for a "spring" day) revealed two great blue herons, one in a tree, where it seemed to be watching the sun rise

and one on the river, partially veiled in the morning mist.

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