Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring comes rushing toward us

American Robins, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Two weeks ago, the fields of the Charles River Peninsula were covered with snow; this morning they were covered with robins. Some of whom were singing (just barely audible in
this recording).

Two weeks ago, the Charles River was covered with ice; this morning it was covered with wood ducks (unpictured). One group featured one female and seven males--she flattened herself against the surface of the water (making what I always assumed was a distress call but which must be an all-purpose attention-getter) while the males jostled each other to get closer to her.

The bluebirds are already paired off and checking out house boxes. Meanwhile the house sparrows are claiming a few for themselves. The inklings of a bit of a struggle this spring...

And the blackbirds, mostly grackles with a smattering of red-winged blackbirds and cowbirds, were in the trees making an unholy racket. Which I love.
Here comes spring!

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