Saturday, March 12, 2011

Annual Pilgrimage to Halibut Point (and the Harlequin Ducks)

Halibut Point State Park, Rockport, MA
When I got to Halibut Point State Park it was raining heavily and foggy. Not great birding conditions, especially when looking at sea birds. But I had brought my rubber boots and my raincoat and an umbrella so I was ready to try. And after trudging through the muddy paths to a good look-out onto the ocean the rain stopped. And wouldn't begin again until I was already on my way back. Gotta have faith.

I came to Halibut Point to see the harlequin ducks. And I wasn't disappointed.

And how nice to see great cormorants again (a steady fly-by presence).

And look at the bill on that surf scoter

But back to the harlequin ducks. They were grouped on the bay side to the left of the lookout.
They were very active.

As I was watching the harlequins, the fog lifted and I could see huge rafts of small ducks in the distance dotting the water (scoters maybe). And the true highlight of the day: a peregrine falcon, which flew up and back along the rocky coast twice while I was there. (I sacrificed getting a blurry photo for letting it fill up my binoculars with its magnificence.)

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