Friday, April 30, 2010

The Bay Colony Rail Trail

In honor of the proposed Bay Colony Rail Trail, I walked a stretch of abandoned rail from Fisher St. in Needham to Haven St. in Dover. This is what I found.

1.Track running along the between the Charles River Peninsula and the Walker School.

Here's the view of the CRP shag-bark hickory hill from the track.

2. Train trestle over the Charles River

Scenic but rotting bridge. Will be occupied by teenagers when school ends.

3. View between trestle and Centre St. underpass

A little more vegetation on the tracks. Rather birdy. In fact, I found this cardinal nest right at the side of the tracks.

I normally don't bother nesting birds but this was literally right in front of me about four feet off the ground.

4. Centre Street underpass

Speaking of teenagers. Other traces below.

4. View of tracks beyond underpass.

Now completely overgrown. At some points you might stop and wonder where the tracks are.

Lots of poison ivy beginning to emerge. In another couple of weeks this might be tough going.

It is exciting to imagine a bike trail near our home. My parents live close to the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island and it is a real asset for the community. In addition to the Bay Colony Rail Trail website, there is a Facebook group that interested readers might consider joining.

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