Thursday, April 8, 2010

World's End

American Crows, World's End, Hingham, MA

Over to World's End to see if the great egrets were back.

There were turkey vultures. About a dozen.

On the beach? A first for me. They were ripping through the remains of some large sea creature.

Do you like the dance of the downy woodpeckers? I don't know whether the bobbing and weaving is mating behavior or aggression, but it is pretty cool to watch.

I'm pretty sure that these belted kingfishers were not getting along. I spent about 10 minutes watching as they chased each other back and forth across the water, rattling like crazy. At least two tussles, almost dropping to the ground.

Oh and yes, the great egrets are back.

Also seen at World's End today: kestrel, ruby-crowned & golden-crowned kinglets, horned grebe.

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