Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things get warblery

Charles River
Overcast and wet but not raining and very very still. River like glass. Right away I hear yellow warblers and catbirds against the din of everything else. They're finally back. I was beginning to worry...
Savannah sparrows continue to rule the meadows and tree-lined edges of the Charles River Peninsula, filling the air with their thin buzzy song.
I'm losing my patience with auto-focus
And warblers are a-coming through.  New-comers this morning included a magnolia (above), happily singing between gulps of cutworm, a Wilson's (near the tip of the Peninsula), and a northern water thrush (which may stay to breed this year).

[UPDATE:What a day! In the foliage above my house:  black-throated greens, black & whites, Nashvilles, yellow-rumps, and blue-headed vireos. At Ridge Hill, the same plus ovenbirds and a very very vocal winter wren.]

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