Sunday, May 27, 2012

Return to Hancock Hill and Ponkapoag Bog

Prairie Warbler, Hancock Hill
At Blue Hills by 6, I had Hancock Hill to myself for about an hour. Or rather, I got to share it with the many towhees, indigo buntings, prairie warblers, and field sparrows who call it home.
Eastern Towhee, Hancock Hill

Eastern Towhee, Hancock Hill
Indigo Bunting, Hancock Hill
Indigo Bunting, Hancock Hill
Prairie Warbler, Hancock Hill
Prairie Warbler, Hancock Hill (John Hancock Building in background)
After finding my way back down (the real challenge of Hancock Hill is figuring out where the path down is) I decided to visit another Blue Hills favorite spot--Ponkapoag Bog.
Ponkapoag Bog boardwalk
I parked at the Exit 3 trailhead and took the "no name" trail over to the bog. Got my fill of wood thrush and veery song that way. Glad I wore my boots, as the plank-way through the blog was the wettest I've ever seen it.
Obligatory Sundew Photo, Ponkapoag Bog
This time of year the bog is a northern waterthrush magnet.

Obligatory Pitcher Plant photo, Ponkapoag Bog
Not much in bloom right now, except for this exceptionally beautiful iris.


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