Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chestnut Hill Farm

Boblink, Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough, MA
Out to Southborough on this beautiful Thursday in May to check out a Trustees of Reservations property, Chestnut Hill Farm, where I might be doing some grassland bird monitoring.
Like Powisset, it is a working farm with acres and acres of grassland. Other grassland birds I didn't find (I didn't get there until around 11), but bobolinks they have plenty.
The bobolinks are currently in that awesome agitated state, singing on the wing and chasing any female they can find. I counted 12 total, at least 4 of them females. (This count is conservative but bobolinks do move around a lot).
Now if we could only get these kinds of numbers at the Charles River Peninsula... (Actually, there is hope--I saw a female in the grass there this afternoon).
Sawink Farm, Westborough, MA
As long as I was in the area I thought I might check out some of the Crane Swamp trails. Sawink Farm was the closest. The name is misleading. It is a good example of the great Massachusetts reforestation process, now thoroughly wooded and swampy.
Jack in the Pulpit
The loop trail at Sawink Farm is a real gem, passing through some lovely areas. Thrushes and ovenbirds in abundance. I stood and recorded this extremely loud wood thrush for a while. Check out its three wattled bellbird note. (Could it have picked that up in Costa Rica?).

Oh and first my first veery of the year. Hooray!

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