Monday, May 7, 2012

The grosbeaks get right down to business

Female rose-breasted grosbeak on nest
Didn't take long. Back for less than a week and the grosbeaks are already in nest mode. This one is very visible and at eye-level. I have a feeling that once she realizes how many humans walk past this spot she will try out another place. At any rate, I'll keep monitoring the situation.
Here's one of the male grosbeaks singing from the tree-tops. Is this the mate? Don't know for sure...

In May migration news, I was struck by the almost total absence of migrating warblers in Needham this afternoon. Quite a different story at Marblehead Neck, a veritable warbler-fest.
our old friend, the magnolia warbler
The main attraction, which packed the parking lot, was an amazingly cooperative Kentucky warbler that was singing close to the entrance right out in the open. Too easy!

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