Friday, April 25, 2014

Bluebirds! Season 4. Episode 5. Eggs! and more murder...

Rather early Eastern Kingbird, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Kingbirds are usually at the tail end of the first wave of May arrivals but this one arrived at CRP at the leading edge. Hopefully Orchard Orioles will follow. Soon.
House sparrow/Tree swallow? 
More nesting boxes have been claimed and nests begun but sometimes it's not directly knowable who is doing the nesting. Here's a shallow, feather-filled nest typical of tree swallows. But it's rather trashy in appearance, suggesting house sparrow. So time will have to tell.

Speaking of house sparrows, the murderous male has struck again. I'll spare you the image on this page, though you may observe the crime scene here. This time, box 7, home of my favorite dive-bombers.

The good news? Bluebird eggs. Three of them. Two in the grass nest box, one in the pine needle nest box. Here we go!

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