Sunday, October 10, 2010

They mowed Millennium Park

Frost on the newly mowed Millennium Park, West Roxbury, MA

I arrived at Millennium Park bright and early, eager to see sparrows. The fallout at the CRP yesterday was pretty heavy--I expected a real bounty at Millennium Park.

Oh no! They mowed!

There are still sparrows around, but all the action is at the edges.

I was ready to write a resentful post about the puzzling things the DCR has been doing lately. Honestly, couldn't you folks wait a couple more weeks?

But then I found the yellow-rumped warblers.

Down near the nature trail, they were everywhere you looked. Dozens of them.

And with rumpies, other goodies. My first ruby-crowned kinglet of the season, a red-eyed vireo, a redstart and this curious one below, which was getting hated on by rumpies and song sparrows. Nashville, I think, though I'm seeing too much white on the belly...

Astonishingly, as I stood amongst the warblers, I heard a familiar yet alien sound. A raven? I looked up. Sure enough, a long black raven, wedge shaped tail and all, flying overhead.

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Susan W. said...

Great warbler shots - and congratulations on the raven!