Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great Blue Heron, Millennium Park, West Roxbury, MA

A beautiful morning at Millennium Park. I got there in time to watch wood ducks taking off against the dawn sky. And to catch a blue heron standing tall and still in the trail-side brook.

The theme of the day: SPARROWS EVERYWHERE!

When I took this photo, I was assuming song/savannah. I'm not sure now...

The song and savannah populations at Millennium Park are usually pretty robust, but today there must have been the addition of migrating flocks. Some nicely posing savannahs below.

Also, a very kind palm warbler, working a small trail-side bush.

Taking advantage of the massive sparrow (and goldfinch/house finch) populations--a pair of Cooper's hawks.

Special video version of the morning below.

1. Great Blue Heron (not happy to see me). 2. Three white-tail deer across the river. 3. Cooper's Hawk (just sitting there). 4. Palm Warbler flipping its tail.

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