Friday, October 29, 2010

Charles River Peninsula in late October

Eastern Bluebird, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

The CRP is due for a mowing any day now, so I took one last stroll through the meadow to say good-bye to the bluebirds, who will leave as soon as their milkweed stalk perches are gone.

Today, as was true last year at this time, they seemed to be playing "king of the house box." One would perch and another one would fly up and chase the other one off.

This bluebird was eating a fat worm and couldn't quite get it down.

Watch it as it whips it and whacks it to make it more suitable for eating.

The sparrows were feasting on goldenrod seeds (that soon, too, will be mowed down).

The first mockingbird I've seen at the CRP for a long while also showed up, perched on the Trustee's sign. If you look closely, the mockingbird seems to be looking at a gnat right in front of it. It was after berries today.

In closing, a little bit of fall color.
Starting with the fruit of the horse nettle (a mini pumpkin patch of terrible poison).

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