Saturday, October 9, 2010

Glorious October morning

Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

A misty October morning at the CRP. Good Halloween preview below.

A massive fallout of sparrows of all shapes and sizes: song (our representative below), swamp, chipping, white-throated, white-crowned.

Bluebirds are still there in great numbers. Also palm and the first influx of yellow-rumped warblers.

Plus an increasingly familiar character--the sharp-shinned hawk.

This one was being mobbed by blue jays, a dangerous game, as the sharpie would frequently go on the counter-attack, making a ferocious sound (a combination of a red-tailed hawk scream and a yowling cat?)

Finally, the morning's highlight, done video style (please watch in HD):

Yes, I'm also bugged by the smudge right in the middle of the lens... The sapsucker is the first I've ever seen at the CRP.

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