Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sounds of late March

A new pond at Charles River Peninsula

I put on my rubber boots and sloshed around the Charles River Peninsula this morning. Spring has arrived: first CRP sightings of tree swallows, first song of the phoebe, and was that a female wood duck up in a tree? (Yes, checking out a cavity). There are now at least three bluebird pairs claiming boxes, though the house sparrows seem much more hazardous this year that previously. I wonder also if a flicker is going to end up claiming a box. The resident red-tailed hawk looked miserable--completely waterlogged.

Here are some sounds.
From early Saturday morning, last weekend:
1) Perfect song sparrow-robin duet.
2) At least five different woodpeckers having a discussion. Absolutely musical.
3) Same conversation but more emphasis on foreground drummers and some marvelous timbres.
From this morning, right after the rain stopped (at least momentarily):
4) Song sparrow plus White-throated sparrow (plus cardinal, robin, junco, etc)
5) White-throated sparrow with cardinal plus special bonus of chattering house sparrows (the only time of year I find their voices tolerable).

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