Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dawn(ish) Chorus

This is such an interesting time of the year. Here's a few early morning bird recordings.

1) Robin. Soon this song will recede to the background, but it is so nice to hear robins going at it full blast again. I was watching a large flock foraging on the meadow, negotiating pecking order. One particularly intense chase--I think the pursuer might have even got some tail feathers. What I found interesting was the way several other robins got involved--as if curious to see who would win the fight.

2) Woodpecker conversation. For the life of me I couldn't find the drummers visually (with warbler season coming I need to get my bin skills back!) so I'm just guessing they're downies, but flicker is a strong possibility. Also, a serious conversation between a couple of song sparrows.

3) Song Sparrow Song Fight. This was cool. Unlike the robins, I didn't see the song sparrows using any true physical aggression. The one with the raspy song would perch and sing and the second would immediately chase. They ended up flying around and around the brush, perching and singing, perching and singing.

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