Monday, March 8, 2010

Fowl Meadow Euphoria

Fowl Meadow, Canton, MA

This was going to be a "Sign o spring" post but if you live in Massachusetts and you've been outside today, you have all the signs you need. 57 degrees and rising.

I decided to spend mid-day walking Fowl Meadow. By the end of the walk I was so happy I was cheerily saying hello to unleashed dogs and their owners!

Bugs! There are flying insects again! And deer ticks...

You are almost guaranteed to encounter deer at Fowl Meadow. Today I saw a group of five who crashed through the brush when they spotted me. One stayed behind (a phantom).

Chipmunks are keeping themselves busy. I'm not sure what use they have for this abandoned hot tub.

And throughout the walk, butterflies. I think they are Eastern Commas, though it's a bit early for them. Is it possible they are overwintering and today was just too nice to resist? The first one I saw nearly got taken out by a chickadee.

The best views of the butterflies were at the end of the trail in the huge piles of debris left in the wake of the Add-A-Lane project. So here is my collection of construction site butterfly photos.

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